At Panama Landsailing Adventures we have a strong community focus.


We are interested in collaborating with other businesses to provide some landsailing fun to all Panamanians.  Our "sponsor a school/charity programme" enables a business to sponsor groups coming to experience our blokarts.  We will provide our equipment at half the standard rental rate to any school or charity group sponsored by a business. There are many worthy organisations supporting those with illnesses, medical conditions and disabilities.  Our blokarts have the ability to be made into a tandem, enabling a person with an illness or disability to sail with a colleague, friend or family member in the same kart.  Experience the pleasure of sharing the exhileration of being powered along by the wind with someone who has never had such an opportunity.  Do you know a business that would like to sponsor a charity or disadvantaged group to experience sailing a blokart? Contact Donna at to discuss.


Panama Landsailing is about family.  We offer a great outdoor fun activity for the whole family.  If we have 3 or more generations from the one family, grandma or grandpa can sail for free.  They may be more competitive than expected so let your intra-family blokart competition start here with us.



✔ Open from 1pm to 6pm           ✔ When the wind blows